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High quality products

We provide various maintenance products and give professional advice on how to keep your car looking good.

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Regular cleaning practices only gets you so far... We strive for the best result possible and tackle the problem at it's roots: the paint.

Specialized in high-end car treament

We are a service oriented detailing company,
specialized in detailing, polishing and coating cars.

Welcome to Elite Car Detailing

We specialize in car detailing, paint protection and maintenance for all types of vehicles.

Using innovative methods developed in-house, and a deep scientific understanding of all the products and processes involved, Elite Car Detailing can offer your car the ultimate in reflection and protection through our detailing and paintwork packages. We also offer valeting, servicing and mechanical work on all makes of vehicle, from Ford to Ferrari, BMW to Bugatti and everything in between so don’t delay – book your car in today.

We also cater for a range of additional requirements such as wheel refurbishment, leather restoration, fabric hood refurbishment, brake caliper color changes and paint-less dent removal. Many of our customers use Elite Car Detailing as a one-stop-shop for all their automotive needs and if there is something bespoke that you require – such as a complete restoration project, a unique paint job, or preparation of your car for a concours event – we can help you not only achieve it, but achieve it to the highest possible standard.

Detailing the car 
Detailen van de auto


Paint restoration and perfection is why Elite Car Detailing first started. We have spent various years doing research and development to find the perfect way to bring your vehicle’s paint back to the way it looked the first day it was painted. Whether it’s scratches, swirl marks, or spider webbing, we have a way to get rid of it.



We can provide a wide range of car treatments for car dealers, individuals, accessory installers, importers, producers and car collectors. Whether it concerns an used or new car, we will handle your car with great expertise and guarantee top quality service. The result? A car that looks better than new.



You want to keep your car in the same condition as it is right now. The chemicals, equipment and supplies that are on the shelves today do more damage than good because of improper maintenance. Elite Car Detailing provides various maintenance products and gives professional advice on how to keep your car looking good.